Where to Find Free Study Tools for the SAT

SAT Study ToolsPreparing for the college admission tests can be a huge looming task for students. Because of this, finding free study tools for the SAT is something that a lot of incoming college students are looking for. The SAT is a standardized form of test which was introduced back in 1926. It has gone through a lot of changes and finding updated resources is a must. It is still used today, and those who are eager to reach higher levels of education must pass their SAT tests to proceed.

Free study resources are very useful for those who are looking to achieve marks with flying colors after taking the SAT. Here are some options you can look into when looking for SAT study resources:

  • Sparknotes – Sparknotes.com offers a wide range of free resources. From an in-depth analysis of literature to educational movies, you can find informative content from this trusted website. If you’re reviewing for the SAT, you can check out their resources at www.sparknotes.com/testprep and select the SAT option. This will then take you to a link where you can find other links for downloading SAT books, study tactics to help you retain more information, and even SAT vocabulary builders. These are user-friendly and effective resources.
  • ProProfs – If you want a more in-depth resource for SAT subjects, you can check out www.proprofs.com/sat/study-guide for a list of study guides and modules for Math, Reading, and Writing in separate links. The entire left panel of the website is dedicated to free SAT links which are more intensive and cover a wider scope of SAT topics. This works really well if you have a particular subject area you’re having difficulties with.
  • Collegeboard – If you want to have a feel of what the SAT would actually be like, you can visit www.sat.collegeboard.org/practice and answer sample tests to help you prepare better. Think of this as your resource for mock tests which will give you an overview of what the questions will be like during the actual SAT.

With the suggested free tools above for SAT review, students can have access to these resources even while on the go. So even while traveling and reviewing at the same time or spending your idle days at home, trying out any of these tools can get you farther than you think. And depending on your dedication to the actual review, you can secure the knowledge that you need and pass the SAT with flying colors.

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