2015 Summer College Tours for Top Colleges in the Nation

summer college tourThe school year is winding down to an end and sweet summertime is on your mind. Before getting too lost in your daydreams of surfing the waves and lounging on the beach, don’t forget to sign up for a summer college tour.  You have done your homework and researched some of the colleges that you’re interested in, right?  Great!  Now get signed up so you don’t lose your spot on a summer college tour to several of the colleges on your list!

Making the Most of Your Summer College Tour

  • Ask yourself some important questions. Which classes do you enjoy the most, the least? What are your life goals? How do you learn the best?
  • Tour several different colleges if possible.  Not all colleges are created equally.  You’ll want to visit as many as you can so that you can choose the best fit for you.  Visiting a college can prove to be crucially important in making a decision on where you’ll wind up.
  • What is real and what is perceived.  By participating in a summer college tour, you can find out what an authentic college experience truly is.  It helps to ask questions while on the tour.  What about the food? Class sizes? Student activities or clubs? What are the choices for dorms?
  • Engage with students while on the tour. If the tour is student-led, ask the guide about his or her life attending that particular college. Why did they choose it? If they could change anything about it, what would that be? What does the local town offer?


Summer College Tours to Top Colleges in the Nation

  • Southern Cal College Tour  (June 14-19, 2015)
    University of California ● Pepperdine University ● Claremont Colleges (Pomona, Harvey, Mudd, Pitzer, Scripps, or Claremont McKenna) ● University of California, Irvine ● University of California, San Diego ● University of San Diego ● University of Southern California ● California Institute of Technology or Occidental College ● Loyola Marymount University (Visit Santa Monica Beach Boardwalk and 3rd Street Promenade, Downtown Disney, Coronado Hotel and Coronado Beach, and Universal City Walk)
  • Northern Cal College Tour (June 21-26, 2015)
    University of California, Berkeley ● St. Mary’s College ● Santa Clara University ● Stanford University ● San Jose State University ● University of California, Santa Cruz ● University of California, Davis ● Sacramento State University ● San Francisco State University (Visit Fisherman’s Warf and Pier 39 as well as Santa Cruz beach boardwalk)
  • Midwest College Tour (July 12-17, 2015)
    University of Chicago ● Northwestern University ● University of Illinois ● DePauw University ● Kenyon College ● Case Western Reserve University ● University of Michigan ● University of Notre Dame ● Wheaton College.
  • Northeast College Tour (July 26-31, 2015)
    Swarthmore College ● University of Pennsylvania ● Princeton University ● Columbia University ● Yale University ● Brown University ● Williams College ● Amherst College ● Harvard University ● Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Mid-Atlantic College Tour  (August 2-7, 2015)
    Georgetown University  ● Johns Hopkins University ● Lafayette College ● Lehigh University ● Haverford College ● Bryn Mawr College ● University of Richmond ● College of William and Mary ● University of Virginia (Illuminated tour of D.C. monuments and memorials)

Attention School Counselors!! School counselors can travel FREE when registering 8 students from their school for any of the five Summer College Tours listed above! Hurry and get signed up now!!

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